I was tasked with the creation of emails for E-com marketing. All the emails should be on-brand to a certain extent, but they had to be creative and good-looking so they would convert well.
For the first email, I had to follow the Memberdays promotion style. This style was established by the creative director, but it was quite boring. So I had to come up with a way to create a creative and beautiful email that was still part clearly of the promotion.
For the Second email, I had to incorporate an influencer theme and I had to mention all the Instagram accounts of the models in the design. These mentions where not suppose to be very prominent but they had to be there. 
For this Influencers email, I ended up using Instagram as the creative. The influencers names are in the top of the posts so they look natural en incorporated into the design. I also added Hunkemöllers Instagram to the post with the packshots, this was not needed but very it helped with converting people to our Instagram account. Overall the design process went very well and the email did very well when it went live.

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