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Branding for real estate.

Looking to Stand Out and Establish Trust with Your Real Estate Brand?

How to get a consistent flow of customers without wasting time on social media or marketing, even during a bad market.

If you provide first-class services with attention to personality and detail, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let's build a:

Boost your referrals, increase customer loyalty and attract new customers using a strategic brand, beautiful website and professionally designed visuals.

Let’s have a short 15-minute chat and find out if we’re a good fit.

Jelle Plevier - Specialist in branding voor makelaars
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"Jelle is excellent to work with. He understands our vision and concept from the start and has the technical skills to bring it to life. He always responds quickly, and the delivery of materials is guaranteed."

Marnix Hoebert
CTO bij Provadie

My approach

Let's shape your vision and create the real estate brand you aspire to.


I believe good design has the power to influence behaviour and increase a company’s value. To achieve this, your brand must be rooted in core values. That’s why I start all projects by getting to know your vision for your brand.


After exploring your vision, it’s time to put some data behind these ideas. I will research the people in your target audience… what they like, where they hang out, and what drives them. The goal is to obtain a clear, data-driven picture of your ideal customer.


This is where the fun begins. All ideas are put on the table and tested until we have the best concepts for your brand. You get to choose which concept speaks to you the most, and we will move forward with that.


Business cards, social media assets, and your website will all be updated to reflect your new branding and set you up for success!

Below, you can find a few case studies if you’re curious about the results of my previous clients.

My Services

How can you work with me?

Brand Workshops

Discover the DNA of your real estate brand. Who do you serve, what do you offer, and how do you do it? Get clarity on your goals and build a strong foundation for success.

Brand workshops are crucial to my approach to determining the best course of action before starting other projects.


Create a distinctive brand identity for your real estate agency with logos, colours, typography, and graphics to create a visually consistent and impactful brand. Attract more clients with a recognisable brand for your business.

Together, we create a visually consistent and impactful brand identity.


Choose a website that showcases your brand and services well and integrates with necessary tools like Realworks and Funda.

Don’t be limited by generic templates. My website design service offers an online presence that highlights your unique identity as a real estate agent.


What do my clients think?

Jelle is excellent to work with. He understands our vision and concept from the start and has the technical skills to bring it to life. He always responds quickly, and the delivery of materials is guaranteed.”

CTO at Provadie
Marnix Hoebert

“Jelle is a graphic designer with not only the ability to come up with creative designs but also strong strategic thinking. He quickly adopted our company style and improved the quality of various standard designs. It was a pleasure to work with Jelle.”

Corinna Blanke
Marketing Manager at ACREW
Corinna Blanke

“He created our beautiful website and takes care of our marketing communication, promotions, mailings, and brochures. He is creative and highly skilled at translating our wishes and needs into beautiful campaigns.”

Evert-Jan CEO bij NTS
CEO at Nationale Taxatie Service
Evert-Jan Geersma

“Recently I worked together with Jelle. From start to finish, the communication was excellent and the quality of work was great. Especially his strategic thinking while building the website was nice, and he provided us with a lot of tips and ideas.”

Wouter Team foto
Wouter Moonen

“Jelle levert geweldig ontwerpwerk aan merken en is een grote hulp met een stapsgewijze benadering van branding.”

Michel Slager

“This is my third project with Jelle and it was another great experience. Jelle is super efficient, a great designer and listens well.”

Olivia Porter

Get in touch and start the transformation of your Real estate brand.


Frequently Asked Questions

My branding services are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of real estate agents. With my market research and experience in the real estate industry, I understand the specific challenges and opportunities that real estate agents face. This allows me to create a brand identity that stands out and appeals to your specific target audience of real estate agents.

The time required to develop a brand identity varies depending on the complexity of the project. On average, the process takes several weeks to a few months. I strive to work efficiently and maintain open communication to ensure that the process goes smoothly. At the beginning of each project, I provide a timeline that I do my best to adhere to as closely as possible.

Certainly! I have collaborated with various real estate agents and completed successful branding projects. Feel free to take a look at my case studies to see examples of my work.

Yes, absolutely! If it is important for your website and the tools offer integration capabilities, I can arrange this for you.

Absolutely! I understand that businesses evolve and grow, and your brand identity should evolve with it. I offer flexibility and support to adapt your brand identity to changing needs and new growth opportunities.

The cost of developing a brand depends on various factors, such as the scope of the project and your specific needs as a real estate agent. Please contact me for a personalised, no-obligation quote.

I have been active in the branding industry for 5 years and have extensive experience working with real estate agents over the past 3 years. I am fascinated by the unique challenges and opportunities that the real estate market offers, and I can help you build a strong brand identity.

Yes, absolutely! I provide full support for implementing your brand identity in all your marketing materials. Whether it’s designing business cards, brochures, or optimising your website, I’m here to help.