Who am I?

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by standing out in subtle ways. When they asked me to draw a dragon, all the kids drew dragons, but I drew an egg with a dragon tail around it.

When I became a corporate brand identity designer, I realised this was my strength. I could create designs that were unique, detailed and professional.

During my time as a digital designer at a large retail brand, I felt a bit lost. I was creating highly commercial designs to sell consumer products to people who didn’t need or want them. This led me to start my own design studio with a focus on creating a lasting impact.

Jelle Plevier
Jelle Plevier

When I got introduced to the real estate market through Provadie, I fell in love with its reputable and professional nature. I felt at home. I knew I was contributing to an industry that creates tremendous value for its customers.

Hi, I’m Jelle Plevier. I’d love to chat with you about how you’re positioned in the real estate industry and if my services can help you stand out.


What do my clients say

“Jelle is excellent to work with. He reads our vision and concept from the start and has the technical skills to make it happen. He always responds quickly and the delivery of materials is promised.”

CTO at Provadie
Marnix Hoebert

“Jelle is a graphic designer with not only the ability to come up with creative designs but he is also strong in strategic thinking. He very quickly adapted our company branding style and improved the quality of several of our standard designs. It was a pleasure to work with Jelle.”

Corinna Blanke
Marketing Manager at ACREW
Corinna Blanke

“He created our beautiful website and takes care of our marketing communications, promotions, mailings en brochures. He’s creative and very capable of translating our wishes and needs into nice campaigns.”

Evert-Jan CEO bij NTS
CEO at Nationale Taxatie Service
Evert-Jan Geersma

“Recently I worked together with Jelle. From start to finish, the communication was excellent and the quality of work was great. Especially his strategic thinking while building the website was nice, and he provided us with a lot of tips and ideas.”

Wouter Moonen

“Jelle levert geweldig ontwerpwerk aan merken en is een grote hulp met een stapsgewijze benadering van branding.”

Michel Slager

“This is my third project with Jelle and it was another great experience. Jelle is super efficient, a great designer and listens well.”

Olivia Porter

Work with me

Let’s meet and have a free discovery call. Use the form below to contact me, so I have all the important details to schedule a call and have a chat. Don’t worry too much about your answers, it’s just for me to get a broad picture of who you are and what you need.


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